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The river gods were the sons of the great earth-encircling river Oceanus and his wife Tethys and the brothers of the Oceanids . [1] They were also the fathers of the Naiads . [ citation needed ] The river gods were depicted in one of three forms: a man-headed bull, a bull-headed man with the body of a serpent-like fish from the waist down, or as an arm resting upon an amphora jug pouring water. [ citation needed ]

Hera (/ ˈ h ɛr ə, ˈ h ɪər ə /; Greek: Ἥρᾱ Hērā, equivalently Ἥρη Hērē, in Ionic and Homer) is the goddess of women and marriage in Greek mythology ...

The name of Hera may have several of mutually exclusive etymologies; one possibility is to connect it with Greek ὥρα hōra , season, and to interpret it as ripe for marriage and according to Plato ἐρατή eratē , "beloved" [4] as Zeus is said to have married her for love. [5] According to Plutarch , Hera was an allegorical name and an anagram of aēr (ἀήρ, "air"). [6] So begins the section on Hera in Walter Burkert 's Greek Religion . [7] In a note, he records other scholars' arguments "for the meaning Mistress as a feminine to Heros , Master." John Chadwick , a decipherer of Linear B , remarks "her name may be connected with hērōs , ἥρως, 'hero', but that is no help, since it too is etymologically obscure." [8] A. J. van Windekens, [9] offers "young cow, heifer", which is consonant with Hera's common epithet βοῶπις ( boōpis , "cow-eyed"). R. S. P. Beekes has suggested a Pre-Greek origin. [10] Her name is attested in Mycenaean Greek written in the Linear B syllabic script as 𐀁𐀨 , e-ra , appearing on tablets found in Pylos and Thebes . [11]

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