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ONTARIO GENEALOGY NAME AND RECORD TYPE INDEX - "H" SURNAME LISTINGS This index is a simple 'bare bones' listing of many of the names and types of records contained in our databases. Records have been indexed for counties of Peterborough, Victoria, Ontario, Haliburton, Durham, Northumberland, Hastings and Muskoka District. In addition Upper Canada land petitions, Upper Canada Sundries, Upper Canada marriages, baptisms, and burials, Upper Canada Jail inmates, Ontario Insane Asylum records and newspaper notices from all areas of Ontario are included. Additional record descriptions are included in the individual databases, which may be accessed with your user-name and password. The databases we maintain are an extremely valuable tool for those persons researching ancestors in SOUTH-CENTRAL ONTARIO. A username and password is needed to access the database sites. Click this link to apply for a username and password Database Registration * Surrogate record is a will or letter of administration regarding estate. * Census is an early 1800's census or assessment record.   In response to many requests, I have started giving page viewers the option of immediately purchasing a complete record of selected database entries below. The records that may be ordered have an * sign following the record type. Obituaries will have details beyond simply the name, date and place of death of your ancestor. The indicated newspaper notices of marriages usually be a good description of the wedding day of your ancestor, with details that may include wedding party, guests, dress details, dinner description, honeymoon and future residence. There is a partial view of some of the records provided. Full records will be digital copies, emailed to you, usually within 12-24 hours of your order. Payment may be made by credit card or PayPal options. Cheques are accepted, but more time will understandably be needed for completing your order. Email with specific record requests for payment details.   Email:   Index updated March 21, 2014 NAME ................. RECORD TYPE

Where have I seen him before?  Most recently, he played creepy businessman Alistair McDermid on BBC3’s hit drama Clique, which later aired on BBC1. He also played John Moray, owner of The Paradise department store in the eponymous BBC period drama. The Scottish actor also appeared in four episodes of Game of Thones way back in the first series, where he played a singer in the Seventh Kingdom.

The mere questions and/or reports presented on this website about a possible arrest of a person are not an implication of an actual arrest.

This site used to only have real estate appraisal information for Texas counties. We are now adding the rest of the nation, one state at a time. You can still find Texas counties here:

To the left you will find links to the states, currently only Texas and California have been added, but over the next several months we will be adding the other 48 states. The appraisal district database contains over 70,000 entries for locations to make it easier for you to find the county you are looking for. You can locate the county by city or zip code as well.

This Directory is specifically designed for people to look up real estate values and other appraisal information. Not every county has a website, but for those that do not, all contact information is provided for each county. It also links to county demographic and financial information as well as other helpful links. If you have any questions, would like to report a broken link, or if you notice that the information is dated or has changed, please contact DataManagement@Assessorsoffice.Net . Thank You.

Possibly with that in mind, Latimer is touting himself as the most independent candidate in the race. “I’m a moderate Democrat,” he said, “and I’ve worked across the aisle with my Republican colleagues.”

Harrison Latimer - Stanley Kirkby - Your King And Country Need You - Boys In Khaki Boys In BlueHarrison Latimer - Stanley Kirkby - Your King And Country Need You - Boys In Khaki Boys In BlueHarrison Latimer - Stanley Kirkby - Your King And Country Need You - Boys In Khaki Boys In BlueHarrison Latimer - Stanley Kirkby - Your King And Country Need You - Boys In Khaki Boys In Blue